Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Turtles

Owen & Gus experienced their first Halloween, beginning the celebration over the weekend and concluding tonight with an abbreviated trick-or-treat run through the neighborhood. With a tip of the hat to Nana for finding the great turtle costumes, the boys won over most they encountered.

The Rutledge turtles anxiously await their first candy run.

Gus takes a brief respite from candy hunting with a pacifier.

Owen bellies up for the camera.

Excess chocolate will do you in every time boys. Let this be a lesson to you.

Our neighbors the Guthries got to see two happy turtles. Chad and Claudia's house is currently Home #1A for Tucker and will likely be the same for the boys as well. As Chad loves a good Nerf gun battle and Claudia makes an incredible strawberry rhubarb cake, the boys will be next door as soon as they learn to crawl.

Happy Halloween everyone.

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Ashley said...

Happy 1st Halloween, Owen and Gus! You sure look adorable in your turtle costumes!