Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Study Break

I have been studying long and hard lately for a project management certification exam I'm taking tomorrow. Aiming for this certification represents really the first time I have had to get back into "study mode" since I got out of college. Studying is much more difficult at 31 than when I was younger -- two kids, job, responsibilities. I keep asking Amy to help me get back into the college frame of mind by going out to Tolly Ho with me to grab a burger and a beer at 2:00am, but she just rolls over and grunts at me.

There are a lot more distractions now than when I was in school ten years ago. I can say with much confidence that had the internet been as prevalent when I was in school as it is now, I would still be on my eighth go-round of English 101. Sunday I was juggling between "An organization's quality assurance plan contains which of the following inputs" and refreshing my screen to see if the Bengals could finish off the Oilers, er Titans -- I was going cross-eyed.

Last night I was taking a practice exam and Amy -- poor Amy -- was trying to keep the boys at bay. She finally called our neighbor Claudia to come in from the bullpen to help out. It was comical -- soup burning on the stove, boys shrieking between bites of cereal, Tucker running around from room-to-room trying to comprehend it all, and me at the computer literally with Kleenex in my ears trying to get through the practice exam. It was definitely one of those moments we'll look back on and laugh about.

So the end is near -- thankfully. Amy is probably tired of me asking her if she has a risk management plan in case we run out of diaper wipes or which statistical control method she plans on using to calculate her day's activities. Then Thursday we're off for some much anticipated R&R in the mountains. The only thing I plan on studying there is the control panel for the hot tub.


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Spider Girl said...

I've always wondered how students with families manage to find study-time and complete their degrees.

Apparently there is some chaos theory involved. :)