Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Diaper Free by Three...


An op-ed in today's NYT:
[I]t turns out, there is a group of parents - supported by a pediatrician, some child-rearing experts and, of course, a Web site - who disagree. The diaper-free-by-three movement - and the three here is three weeks, not three years - claims that babies need never wear diapers again.

According to the Web site diaperfreebaby.org, diaper liberation comes as caretakers develop an "elimination communication" with their infants. "Elimination communication" is a fancy term for "paying attention," in the same way we notice other stuff babies communicate like hunger, tiredness or a desire to be picked up.

In this case, parents watch for the kind of fussiness, squirming and funny faces that come before a baby urinates or has a bowel movement. Caretakers should also pay attention to any daily routines that the baby follows, like urinating after feedings or when waking up. At that point, it's a simple matter of holding the baby on the pot, and pretty soon he or she connects the toilet with its function, and the pattern is set.


Derek said...

This might work if...

...society didn't mind us taking our kids with us everywhere we went;

...people would magically drop their intolerance for the occasional urine stream or bowel movement that escaped if we missed an "elimination communication";

Feel free to add your own.

Sabrina said...

One word....BLOWOUTS!!!

....for any breastfed infant, this would never work, b/c there is no warning. LOL

Amanda said...

If I tried to do this with Henry, I would spend half my life holding him over a toilet.