Friday, November 04, 2005


Amy & I have gradually been introducing solid foods to the boys over the past few weeks, beginning with rice cereal and working our way up the vegetable chain. We have also introduced the boys to high chairs this week as they are big enough now to begin trying to sit up on their own (and high chairs are much easier on Mom & Dad's backs than feeding the boys in the floor).

Gus is an eating machine. He has taken well to green beans and sweet potatoes and is now only getting about 70% of his food on his face & bib. Owen is still fighting the spoon -- he is still much happier nursing to get his food. We have learned to shovel cereal in pretty quickly to minimize the chance of a tantrum erupting.

Gus looks pretty chilled out in his high chair. He knows food is coming so he's in his comfort zone in the chair.

Owen is making progress with the high chair, but he still not sure why we make it so difficult for him with the crazy concept of a spoon.

Tonight he was so tired he fell asleep and snored in the chair while Amy fed Gus. We'll teach him later that you're supposed to take a big nap after you stuff your face with food.

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