Friday, October 14, 2005

Battle Royale

The first Tug o' War battle of many. Owen won round one this morning. Gus retreated to his corner with his Winnie the Pooh and shook it off. Owen seemed to take a bit of sweet satisfaction. Oh the battles to come.

The boys are doing well -- a bit backed up from the cereal we've started back up (apologies for disclosing more information than necessary), but otherwise they're easy to entertain and remain good sleepers.

Big Blue Madness was held tonight -- Mom, the boys, and I watched intently. The boys got their first, outside-the-womb experience of UK basketball. Their first Big Blue experience actually came in utero during the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament last March. When Patrick Sparks hit a miracle three-pointer against Michigan State to send the game into overtime soon-to-be Dad got a little excited, shouted, and ran around the house hysterically rejoicing. According to then Mom-to-be, the boys heard their dad and shared his excitement by punching and kicking Mom from inside her belly. So tonight was their first experience seeing Big Blue for themselves. Is there any doubt these boys will bleed blue?

Other than that, it is a low-key weekend at the Rutledge household. I'm studying all weekend for my project management exam on Wednesday, and Amy is manning the controls with the boys, with a break Saturday to go to a friend's baby shower. Fall is here.

Cheers -- have a good weekend!

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