Sunday, January 22, 2006

Two Heaves

Yesterday Amy, the boys and I were visited by some old friends Shane and Jan Jones from Denver, NC, their son Darrell and his wife Sandy who live in Durham. They stopped by to meet the boys and say hello. You would think with a new camera sitting just a few feet away from us the whole time that we would have snapped some photos. But we got caught up in conversation.....and listening to the UK game on the internet.

As UK fans living in the heart of ACC country, it is rare to see the Cats on TV unless the game is on ESPN. Such was the case yesterday. So we watched Duke lose on TV (always a pleasure), listened to the Cats claw back and get a win (links below), and sat back while the boys entertained us. It was a good Saturday afternoon break to combat the gray, dreary rain outside.

As for that game, we have since seen the two shots -- heaves is a more accurate description -- that propelled Kentucky to the win. Wow. I must say as an avid UK basketball junkie these were not two shots I would have wanted them to take. But when the shot goes in, that's all that really matters. I'm putting the links here for the boys' reference so they'll know what's expected of them to get the call from Tubby someday. :-) Cheers!

Down 76-74 with 32 seconds left, Sparks heaves one from 29 feet.

The finale -- with Kentucky trailing 78-77 Rondo nails a three with one second left.

"Gus, Owen, get to work crawling boys. Before you know it you'll be taking jump shots like the ones Patrick and Rajon made for us yesterday."

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