Monday, January 23, 2006

Dirty Laundry

My sister Melanie likes to recall the days of our youth when she would place me in the hamper surrounded by toys. I was about the boys' age and she was probably four or so. She thought it was rather enjoyable while I apparently practiced the art of screaming for my life. Well thirty-one years and several therapy sessions later I come home from work today to find a few dozen pictures on the camera where Amy had succumbed to the same temptation -- the boys in the laundry basket. I have to admit though, they seemed to take it much better than I did when I was their age.

"Uh-oh Mom, Dad warned me what the goofy look means. I'm going in the laundry basket, aren't I?"

"Ah well, this isn't so bad. I'll at least flash a pose for you."

"Wooooo! Yeah! Now we're talkin'!"

"Dad is a stooge. He doesn't know what he's missing."

"Pardon me mother dear, could we get a beverage while we're waiting in here?"


Nana said...

The boys look happy to me !! Maybe they won't be scarred for life by sitting in the laundry basket.

Pappy said...

I do believe that your boys are taking the growing up with a lot less trauma than you did. Maybe they should have had an older sister to show them the way things should be. Pappy

Amanda said...

I just saw this suggestion on and thought of you all:

"My 7-month-old hates being separated from me. It helps to load a laundry basket with toys and move it — and him — from room to room so I can get chores done while we enjoy each other's company." — Lisa C.

Seems like your sister (and Amy) know what they're doing! :)