Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Merry Toilet-Fixing Pranksters

Friday night was home improvement night at Casa de Rutledge. We had a problem with our toilet leaking into the sub-floor and seeing how my last solo venture into plumbing left us without a toilet for three weeks and single-handedly helped Lowes' stock climb 300%, I decided to ask for help this time around. My neighbor Chad came over and with the promise of Dogfish Head IPA's awaiting our successful project completion, we assessed the situation and devised a plan. After two trips to Lowes, a couple of flange extenders, wax rings, and plenty of caulk we proudly boasted our project a success. Granted a fifteen minute project took us two and a half hours, but we were proud nonetheless.

Our problem is that we had no one to share in our glory. Amy was walking the dog after taking care of the boys during the extraordinary display of plumbing know how. And Claudia had chosen to veg on their couch next door after going to the gym and a long week. So it only seemed natural for Chad to call Claudia telling her we needed an extra large bandage to fix a cut suffered during the repair. When Claudia showed up with first aid supplies and a healthy bit of concern we explained that the flesh wound had spectacularly healed so she should just have an IPA and hang out with us. Amy arrived with the dog, chastised us for getting Claudia out of her PJ's, and mumbled something about a boy and a wolf. In the end though we all got to visit and watch this week's incredibly funny episode of The Office. Oh and that toilet works superbly.

The Office made us do it.

Chad Guthrie, part Bob Vila, part Howard Stern crank caller

Claudia, here with Gus will be listing Chad out on eBay this week

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D. Chad said...

Actually, I was just setting out a hypothetical where one of us may have been wounded in the Battle of the Downstairs Bathroom. Those toilets are unpredictable little buggers. In her defense, Claudia demonstrated poise and discipline throughout. However, the fact that it took her about 20 minutes to respond concerns me somewhat. As for me, the beer was medicine enough.