Thursday, January 05, 2006

Nana & Granddaddy

This past week we hosted our last round of holiday company as my Mom and Dad made the long drive from Paducah, Kentucky over to Raleigh. Derek and I were very glad to have the helping hands as two happy grandparents fed, bathed, bounced, and hugged their two grandsons. Our itinerary...

  • A baby locket, a CD full of grandkid photos, and a power washer (and a honeydo list for Derek)
  • A New Year feast with turkey, dressing & all the sides
  • Overalls and stretchy pants
  • A laundry basket of babies
  • An epic picture hanging by the men
  • New Year's Rockin' Eve on the couch
  • Sprained thumbs from channel flipping of bowl games
  • Baby baths
  • Looney shoe salesman and new Danskos
  • Peanut butter fudge

Gus in a laundry basket of toys.

Amy with her Mr. Pride and Mr. Joy.

Dirty laundry.

Ranger Owen shows off his new vest.

Proud grandparents with overalls to match.

Little Rangers show their stuff,

Tucker and Granddaddy compare notes on the art of relaxation.

Feeding time!

Owen rocks Granddaddy to sleep.


Nana said...

We sure had a great visit !!
Nana and Granddaddy

Melanie said...

Well, Derek, it looks like your boys enjoyed the laundry basket full of toys MUCH better than you did at their age. We'll have to dig that photo up. Watery eyes and all. :-)

Derek said...

Yeah hopefully my boys won't be scarred for life like I was after being subjected to your little dress up games. Ha! ;-)