Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving in Savannah

The Rutledge crew ventured south to Savannah, Georgia to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our friends Debbie and Chad and their two children Aidan and Abby. Savannah is a unique place with its rich history, the Spanish moss hanging off the trees, and parks and squares sprinkled throughout the town -- it's always one of our favorite places to visit. In past trips to Savannah, we've visited River Street, downtown, Vinny's Pizza, and the haunted pub tour. This visit was a bit different for all of us. Since we had four children calling for our time, we didn't venture out of the house much except for short walks to the park up the street. No matter though -- it was a great holiday getaway with great friends.

On Friday Aidan celebrated his second birthday with a birthday party. All the kids there were entranced by the balloons that floated to the ceiling throughout the house. Owen and Gus got to meet Abby, who is just three months younger than the boys, and had their eyes on her most of the time. Gus discovered his favorite toy of his young life so far -- a jumperoo. We sat him in the middle of it and he bounced, hopped and jumped for hours -- he was a kid in a candy store alright. And the boys got to meet my aunt, uncle and cousin in the DiSilvestros who also live in Savannah.

The trip was short but sweet. By the next time we all get together Debbie and Chad will have their third with Anmei, whom they hope to adopt from China after the first of the year. So the next visit will have even more going on, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Cheers!

Aidan the Gatherer loves to pick up pine cones, acorns, and pretty much anything he sees on his walks.

Owen and Gus stroll in the park on a sunny Thanksgiving day. Gus actually kicks it while Owen strolls.

Owen, Abby & Gus -- the bouncy chair crew -- got acquainted for the first time. Oh just wait until these three can walk.

Chad claimed to slave for hours designing Aidan's elaborate birthday cake. The validity of that claim is up for debate, but the birthday partyers dove into the cake head and fingers first regardless.

Gus and Owen got to meet cousin Brittany, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Betty Ann DiSilvestro for the first time on their Thanksgiving excursion to the Peach State.

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