Friday, November 04, 2005

Finally Fall

About a year ago this time, Amy and I were in Asheville, NC to get away for the weekend. Melanie had driven up from Charleston to pick up a car from Mom and Dad who had come over from Kentucky. It was a great time of year -- fall in the mountains when the summer heat had finally broken and there were oceans of color as the leaves were changing. That part of Fall is my favorite part of all the seasons. On the way home Amy and I took the scenic route, trekking up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Deep Gap before catching the highway that leads to the interstate. Along the Parkway we stopped every few miles as fantastic overlooks came into view as we weaved through the mountains. I'm sure we looked like "mountain tourists" getting out of our car and snapping photos every few minutes but we didn't care -- at least we remembered to take the fanny packs off when we got out. The changing colors of fall in the mountains is one of my favorite things about North Carolina.

The leaves are beginning to change over our way this week. It's a little later than in years past, and not quite as dynamic as last year in terms of color, but it is a mighty welcome change nonetheless.

Have a good weekend everyone -- cheers!

Linville Falls

Linville River

Blue Ridge Parkway overlook south of Grandfather Mountain

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