Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gobble Gobble

Well we're about to pack up the van with two boys, the dog, and the acres of gear that comes with them and head down to Savannah for Thanksgiving. Our friends Debbie and Chad with their two littles ones -- Aidan and Abby -- are about to be invaded by the Rutledge clan.

Over the years Thanksgiving has evolved into a favorite holiday of mine. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is great and has a deeper meaning, but it has become so commercialized (stores decorated in October!) that its meaning has been skewed by and for too many people. Enter Thanksgiving with the turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, naps, family & friends, football, games, and more's just a very relaxed holiday. It's difficult not to relax with so much food in our stomachs I suppose.

Thanksgiving is also the weekend of the annual Kentucky/Tennessee grudge match. Although twenty straight years of losing to the Big Orange hardly constitues a rivalry, the Cats have been known to make it interesting even if they always end up on the short end of the stick. With UT's struggles this year and the game being in Lexington, I'd say "Maybe this year" if I hadn't been uttering those three words since I was eleven years old. Yes, it's been that long. Still, the game is part of the Thanksgiving holiday & tradition. Jane, make sure Dad doesn't do any harm to his recently repaired back while he's watching the game this year ;-)

So we hope everyone has an excellent and safe Thanksgiving. Don't overdo it on the turkey... not that turkey, this turkey. :-)

Note to Debbie & Chad, clear a spot for us on the street because we bring a mighty load with us. Cheers everyone!

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