Thursday, December 01, 2005

Instant Replay

About a month ago I posted about my disappointment from not passing the exam to obtain my project management certification. Specifically I noted that particular day felt like I was the hydrant as opposed to being the dog in the proverbial dog/hydrant scenario. Well I must say yesterday brought a bit of unexpected retribution.

I came back from lunch and noticed an email from the Project Management Institute (PMI) regarding "your examination score." Groaning but curious, I opened the email.

After the examination was introduced, PMI monitored candidate performance to verify the validity of the passing score. In addition to its analysis of the actual test results from over 800 candidates, PMI sought review by an additional volunteer team. After performing a statistical analysis of the additional data, PMI and its independent psychometricians were able to make conclusions about the performance of questions as well as candidate performance. This second review, initiated by PMI as part of standard exam development procedure, indicated that the passing score should be adjusted.

PMI is pleased to inform you that you have successfully passed the PMP examination and have been awarded the PMP credential .

So in other words initially I did not pass the PMP exam. But after further review in the replay booth, since very few people were passing the new (and more difficult) exam the criteria was changed and I did pass. There are multiple ways of looking at this. Realistically this is not how I had envisioned achieving my first professional certification -- by PMI issuing a "do over" and lowering the bar. I told Amy that in a way it was like getting my GED instead of a high school diploma. I wanted the screen that pops up when you complete the exam to say "Congratulations" instead of the "Regrettably..." that I got.

On the other hand the score that I got would have warranted certification under the previous exam that was offered prior to them changing the content and criteria in September. And my score was much higher than the eventual passing score that PMI established so I feel like I was ahead of the curve there. Also, I busted my tail studying for that exam on nights and weekends. Amy sacrificed too having to take care of Owen and Gus by herself while I meticulously pored through chapters and pre-tests. So the effort was there, and frankly I'll take a little early Christmas present in November. I'd rather be the dog than the hydrant.

In the end I like to look at the experience the way my friend Chris suggested I write the note to my managers about getting my certification.
"Remember in The Karate Kid, when Danny Laruso hurt his leg and had to go into the locker room, and they were about to award Johnny the trophy, and everyone thought it was over... but then Danny came hobbling out and beat Johnny with the crane kick... well today I'm Danny Laruso."
Cheers everyone!


Granddaddy said...

Way to GO!!! Congratulations.

Melanie said...

That's awesome news, Derek! Congratulations!!

Amanda Moore said...

What a great surprise! Congratulations!