Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Road Trip Mobile

As we posted last week, we got the van last Tuesday. Amy and I are really happy with it. After nearly a month-long process of emails and phone calls to dealerships looking for the right price, color, trim, etc. etc., we got what we wanted. As Billy said when he & Elaine were here this past weekend, "Make sure you get the car you want because if there is something you don't like about it in the beginning, you will never like it and regret the decision." Sound advice.

So here are some pix. We ended up getting leather, as a bit of a luxury for us and to help with spilled juice cups that will inevitably find their way into the van. The seats fold down easily in the back so we can fit more than just a stroller in the cargo space. The doors open automatically so it's easy to get two kids in car seats in and out. Finally we are really big on Honda as the Odyssey had a really good saftey & satisfaction record, and we've been really pleased with our Accord.

Tucker has to adjust to a new "truck." Whenever we would say that word in our house, he would immediately perk up as he loved to go for rides in Dad's truck. I think he'll adapt fine as long as he gets to tag along for road trips.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

Love the new van! We are in FL and Brian had to check email, so I thought I'd check in on the Rutledge's. You guys have been busy lately. I know you were glad to see all the parents. The boys are really growing! We'll have to get together when we get back. Have a good week!

Brian and Kelly

Ashley said...

Looks like Tucker is ready to make a trip to KY!!!

The kids all took pictures of Owen and Gus to school last week. They had to tell their friends and teachers about their new cousins!

Glad you have your new van! Welcome to the club!

Anonymous said...

Im confused as to why my dog is in a picture on your website -- but I like the new minivan.