Tuesday, August 16, 2005

4 Months Old

It's early afternoon and for the most part, all is quiet. NPR is playing in the background and from time to time there's a screech from the living room as Owen tries to find a more comfortable position in the pack & play. Gus is sleeping on the futon with 4 fingers in his mouth.

Yesterday marked our 4 month anniversary with the boys. I must admit the daily routine has gotten easier over the last month. That has everything to do with the additional sleep we're getting at night and the big toothless grins. Both boys have also discovered that their hands and feet belong to them. They're starting to hold small toys and chuckle when you play with their feet. It's amusing.

Owen has been rolling over for a month or so now (before picture, Gus on the left). That's why we packed away the bumper pads and put up the second crib a few weeks ago. Being the mom, I felt like my boys had grown up on me. Reality struck. But in all actuality I'm sure Gus was delighted to have his own space and Owen, well the captain took off seatbelt light and he's free to move about the cabin.

Here's a glance at 4 months.


Anonymous said...

The boys just get better looking every time I see them. Keep posting the pictures. I love them. Pappy

Granddaddy said...

The Boys are really growing. Amy and Derek you are doing a Great job with the Boys!!!