Monday, August 15, 2005

Nana and Grandaddy

The boys got to see all four grandparents in a ten-day stretch with Billy and Elaine making the voyage to North Carolina this past weekend. It was a great visit as they were surprised how much the boys had grown since seeing them in May. Amy & I gave Nana and Grandaddy a hard time when we picked them up at the airport. We jumped out of the van to greet them, and they bypassed us with a bee-line for the back seat where the boys were. ;-) It was pretty funny.

Owen & Gus showed off their smiles for their grandparents. Little Gus is enamoured with his Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal. We can put him in his bouncy seat and just watch him go. He entertains himself by cracking himself up and kicking his feet, which in turn makes the animals move again and starts the laughing cycle all over again. It's very entertaining to watch.

Owen has taken a hiatus from rolling over. Amy commented it is like the frog on the Bugs Bunny cartoon that sings and dances, but when you put him in front of an audience he just sits there. Of course when we try to show Nana and Grandaddy how Owen rolls over on his side and chews on his fist you can hear cricket noises in the background. Still he entertained us with some big gummy grins as that mouth gets really wide when he's happy.

Billy and Elaine got to carry the boys in the Bjorns as we toured the neighborhood. Walks often put the boys to sleep as the stimulation and change in environment wipe them out. When they're awake, their eyes are wide open as they check out all the sights and sounds.

So the Tar Heel Grandparent Tour wrapped up its summer leg. Visits are always fun to look forward to and tough when they're over. Amy & I hope to firm up a date soon when we can make a trek back to the Bluegrass to begin a road trip adventure of our own. Cheers everyone!


gj said...

Great pictures! Know that the visit was fun for all. The boys are a show in themselves!

Love the new van!! The rich color will stand out as you drive by. Know you will enjoy it. gj

Granddaddy said...

Granddaddy and Nana sure had a GREAT visit with the Boys!!! ........ It was nice to see Amy and Derek also - even though they thought we by-passed them at the airport.