Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bienvenidos Amigos!

Amy & I were fortunate to get to visit with friends from Mexico this weekend. Oscar Martinez, who Amy knew from her IBM days (back when she actually got paid for working night and day), was in Raleigh this past week. Oscar introduced us to Martha Vincent, who is on a two-year assignment in North Carolina from Mexico. The four of us and the two little monsters got to spend a few hours together at the house discussing life, work, cooking, peach salsa, Cinco de Mayo (not actually a big holiday in Mexico), politics, and culture.

Both Oscar and Martha hail from Guadalajara, which is the second largest city in Mexico. The city has a rich history that goes back nearly 500 years. It is very interesting to listen to our friends tell of the history both of their home city and of Mexico. They also bring a unique perspective of America that we are not often exposed to.

It is not every day that Amy & I get the pleasure to visit and talk with friends who have different cultural backgrounds than us. We hope to get the opportunity in the future to share more experiences with them. Cheers!

Oscar shows us pictures on his computer of his friends and sites in Guadalajara.

Martha juggles Owen as he tries to tell her in his language that he likes to be in constant motion.

Owen is a happy child as Martha discovers the secret to his happiness is talking while moving.

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