Monday, August 08, 2005

The Lounge Singer & the Grinner

I had this waiting in my inbox this a.m. from Amy. HUGE grin from Owen. I'm not sure what that look from Gus is -- maybe a lounge singer-esque "Hey there baby" or a "What's happenin' sugar? Come here often?" I love it nonetheless.

Jane & C.E. -- otherwise known as G.J. and Pappy -- just left this morning to go back to Kentucky. We had a great visit with them (pictures coming shortly). The boys were really good for us. Stimulation from all the attention helped them sleep hard when they went down. Gus is really starting to react to animals & the noises they make. Elaine and Billy will be here later in the week so the boys will get to see all their grandparents before the summer is over.

Good times.....cheers!


gj said...

Thank you, thank you. This is a charmer. It is now my desktop picture. Too-o-o-o cool! gj

Scott said...

Glad to see my little buddies are having such a good time! I sure do miss those little guys!