Friday, September 26, 2008

To Debate or Not to Debate

What an odd, bizarre day for a birthday...

Congress is trying to hammer out a $700 billion buyout for Wall Street. Democrats back President Bush for the first time in years. The stock market tumbled 150 points in the first 5 minutes from the opening bell. There is a Presidential debate tonight that may or may not happen. And rather than preparing for the potential debate in Mississippi the two candidates are in D.C. (posturing?) trying to help hammer out the deal for the buyout.

On the bright side, Amy & I celebrated our birthdays with a rare night out last night. The kids were well taken care of by our friends Ann and Jeanne from our church. So we went into Raleigh to our favorite restaurant and enjoyed a couple hours away. We intentionally scheduled our night out for Thursday instead of tonight knowing that we would want to watch the debate. So it better happen! :-)


Update: McCain just announced he is attending the debate so the show will go on. Phew!

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