Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Skid Marks

Excerpt of the conversation this evening at our house as Owen came out of the bedroom for what I thought was his usual bedtime stall tactic.

Owen: "Dad, I need to go to the bathroom in the green bathroom."

Me, slightly annoyed at the latest stall game: "C'mon Owen, why can't you just use your bathroom?"

Owen: "Because there are skid marks?"

Me: "Skid marks?"

Owen: "Yeah. There are skid marks in the toilet. I need to use the green bathroom."

When I walked into the boys' bathroom with him, sure enough I noticed a remnant that had not been flushed down.

Me: "I suppose you're right Owen. By the way how did you learn what a skid mark is?"

Owen: "A skid mark is when a piece of poop doesn't flush down the toilet."

Me (impressed): "Who told you that?"

Owen: "Ummm, Aunt Mel."

I should have known. I should have known.


Brooke said...

He and Gabi should hang out!

Melrutl said...

Ok, Owen. I'm calling you on that one! I really think I would have remembered that discussion. :-)