Monday, September 15, 2008

Tessa Messa

When Amy & I first had the boys we were all about making their baby food. We would stay up late at night baking sweet potatoes and butternut squash then puree it into ice cube trays. Gracious, the amount of time we spent doing that. And while it was a noble effort and my hat goes off to those parents that take the time to make their own baby food, I have to say that the practice has been a casualty the second time around at the Rutledge house.

Still as Tess has progressed from rice cereal to vegetables and fruits, she does not mind one bit that her mom & dad are taking the easy route. Actually, Tess doesn't really seem to mind a bit about much of anything.

Long live Gerber.



Anonymous said...

She is precious!! You go girl!! gj

Scott P said...

Sweet! Tess is only slightly messier than her Aunt Ashley. :-)

Melrutl said...

Whew! Was she feeding herself? :-)What a sweetie.