Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Jelly Belly Birthday

This week is birthday week at the Rutledge household. The boys' excitement has given an added jolt of energy to the celebration of their parents' birthdays. Normally Amy & I pass through this week with limited hurrah. But the boys would have none of it. A birthday to a three year-old is like a car to a sixteen year-old. So when they found out that their mom's and dad's birthdays were coming, every day they wanted to know about the cake, the presents, and the party.

Last night the boys and I made a birthday cake card for Amy as she was out with Tess. Then we hid it with her present -- two bags of her favorite candy in the world, Jelly Bellies -- in the boys' closet. When Amy came back to the house, the boys were just bursting to tell her what they had done for her. Luckily I held them off and convinced them that waiting until today when it would be a surprise was the way to go.

Owen and Gus were up before 7:00 this morning, ready to serenade their mom with "Happy Birthday." When they gathered up their card & their Jelly Belly gift, the boys barely let Amy out of the shower before they shrieked and shouted birthday wishes to her. (After the celebration, Owen, an avowed sugar fiend, was mostly concerned with whether Amy was going to share her Jelly Bellies.) Kids definitely know how to bring the energy & excitement.

Happy Birthday Amy B!

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