Friday, September 05, 2008

Politico Friday

I was a good boy this week. No snarky comments about the GOP convention from the RutlFarm.

(Did you know John McCain was a P.O.W?)

Well, almost all week.

John Stewart sums up the spinsters' take on Sarah Palin better than anyone.



Scott P said...

I do find it interesting that the Dems continually point out that Palin was (note: past-tense) a mayor of such a small town, while ignoring her current position as Governor of Alaska....Why is that?

Derek said...

Probably because even if you factor in her time as Governor, Palin is not qualified to be President -- even if you also include Cindy McCain's proximity argument.

Scott P said...

Okay, if counting her time as Governor doesn't qualify her, just what in the world qualifies Obama? If it's a measure of experience: One day as Governor = more executive experience than Obama has. Besides, last time I checked, Palin was running for Vice Prez.
The Dems are condemning Palin because they are scared for the first time in this race. Palin represents a modern, powerful woman that has achieved success without playing the feminist game...and that just really gets to the Dems.

No amount of spin or bashing will change the fact that regular Americans identify with her.

Anonymous said...

I thnk the whole choice is quite revealing of John McCain's ability to assess situations coupled with his gambling preference. Bear with me...
First of all John McCain is a Craps player at the Casino. Craps players are risk takers and make decisions on a whim. Did I mention that craps is the number one money earner for casinos since the players rarely win. So this Sarah Palin pick is not only a risk but it is also indicative of McCains astute sense of observation. That is he needed something to upend the entire system knowing that he is surely going to lose the election, and remember timing is everything. The only problem is that Sarah Palin is still the dice in his hands, will it be a victory or a crap out.
Obama on the other hand is a poker player. In casino's, poker tables are usually "Hidden" in corners. This is because the casinos do not net as much money from a game that requires much more "strategery" (hah). Obama is a more cautious candidate where McCain, the Ex P.O.W., is a risk taker. The story to unfold before all of us will no doubtedly be interesting.

b said...

I agree with Scott P:
Palin isn't running for President, McCain is. And if you're going to use the experience argument, where's Obama's experience? He has none.

By the way, what say you about his choice for running mate, Biden?
I thought Obama was an outsider, running for change, yet his choice of running mate says 'old school, dug in politico' Not to mention he's a plagiarist.

Derek said...

I did not claim in my post that Obama was experienced. The post was simply highlighting the hypocrisy of the GOP pundit class.

The Rove clip sums up the double standard to a tee. What was once an attack on the Democrats (Tim Kaine as mayor of Richmond, VA) is spun as a championing claim for Palin's "executive experience."

After watching her shallow intellect on display in the Gibson interview, Palin is clearly not ready to be President.

Scott P said...

"After watching her shallow intellect on display in the Gibson interview, Palin is clearly not ready to be President.

Nor is Obama. And the point remains: Palin is not running for President.But following your train of thought: Let's see, Biden thinks there was TV during the crash of '29, and that FDR was the President. He tells people in wheelchairs to "Get up", and admits that Hilary would have been a better pick. I guess Biden just isn't ready to be Prez either ;-)