Saturday, December 03, 2005

Game Day

Today is a big day for the boys. It is their initiation into the clash of the blue -- their native Tar Heel blue that surrounds them here in North Carolina versus the Kentucky blue that runs through their veins. For weeks we have studied the history of Kentucky basketball -- the seven national championships, the Unforgettables, Pitino's bombinos, Tubby Smith & the Comeback Cats, how to do the C-A-T-S cheer. Dr. Seuss books have been replaced with skill and strategy talks about how to attack a zone defense and dribbling with their left hands. Of course, they prefer dribbling down the front of their face onto their shirts, but hey they're seven months old.

All of it culminates today with their inaugural Kentucky/North Carolina matchup at noon. The boys will be wearing their UK outfits from Granny and Aunt Kay. Their dad will be in his lucky Kentucky sweatshirt. The flag flies proudly outside the house. As Amy is going out this morning for a massage that was her birthday present from me and the boys, she will return to three Rutledge men with their faces painted blue. Any chastising and reprimands we get for that will be worth it.

Because today is Game Day -- it's Initiation Day. Go Big Blue!

The future Gus & Owen.

24,000 Big Blue faithful.


Anonymous said...

bring it!


Ashley said...

Go big blue!!! You HAVE to send a picture of the three blue boys!!!

Amanda Moore said...

And so the boys learned their first lesson about losing -- it hurts so much worse when it's to North Carolina. :(