Sunday, December 04, 2005

Feeling Blue

Despite their dad's best efforts to swing luck the Cats way, Kentucky fell short yesterday to the Tar Heels giving the boys their first dose of disappointment in the basketball department. We have dealt with disappointment when a brother steals a toy, when green beans and squash aren't what they had in mind for dinner, and when fingernails have to be trimmed. But basketball disappointment was a new thing for them. No matter where Dad put them -- in the bouncy seat, on the couch with him, or in the floor with the dog -- nothing could spur the Cats to rebound and defend the three-point shot against a North Carolina team that wanted the game more.

In the end the boys took it well though. They quickly recovered to roll around on the floor with their toys and stare at the dog whenever he walked by. They will try their luck this afternoon with football as the Bengals play at 1:00.

I'm off to look for a tiger outfit & some black and orange face paint. Cheers!

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Anne Jane said...

Sorry to say, we here in Pittsburgh ended up feeling Blue too!