Monday, July 11, 2005

Top Dog

The past three months have been an adjustment for Tucker, our 6 yr. old chocolate lab. Amy & I knew that the T-man would experience a bit of baby shock when Owen & Gus arrived, at least initially. And while it is true that his place on the totem pole of priorities has been knocked down a couple of notches, we must say that Tucker is still a "priviliged" dog.

Thanks to the Guthries, our great neighbors, Tucker now has two homes. When the boys begin practicing their choral harmonies in the house, it is not uncommon for Tucker to go to the front door giving us the look of "For crying out loud, please let me the @#$% out of here." Tuck will then venture next door to visit the neighbors and their two dogs and return once things have calmed down.

Amy & I have also continued doting on the dog when we can. He has a new dog bed which is his safe haven in the house. And he actually gets more exercise than he has in months since walking around the block with the boys is the perfect antidote for fussy infants. As we inch closer to the decision to buy a new vehicle, the dog is another reason pointing us in the direction of a minivan (more on this later). Because you can't take a road trip without the dog....

Long live the top dog. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

that looks like my dog Rover.