Monday, July 25, 2005

A Pancake Diary

Amy had given me a heads up at 2:00 that the boys were in rare form today. She called me at work, and I could hear both boys wailing in the background. I was surprised. They were absolute gems this morning before I left for work, laughing and cooing on the bed. After I left Amy took them from a walk, and all hell broke loose. Gus screamed the whole time. Tucker -- after having his walks trimmed the past couple of days because of the heat -- pulled Amy all around the block. And our dear little bald headed boy Owen was inconsolable all day long, crying and screaming no matter what Amy tried -- car seat, carrier, swing, back, belly, crib, Pack-n-Play. (We love our kids.)

Knowing this as context, I pulled into the driveway at 5:18 to try to provide some relief. Below is our diary. (We love our kids.)

5:18 - Owen is screaming upstairs in the nursery.

5:19 - Derek takes Owen into the bedroom and changes clothes. Owen is now screaming in the bedroom and has rolled over on his belly not able to roll back.

5:25 - Gus is now screaming with Amy in the nursery.

5:30 - The boys realize they must pause for oxygen and stop screaming. Derek sympathizes with the day Amy has had.

5:32 - Mom & Dad discuss what to do for dinner. Pancakes are the winner as they are quick to whip up.

5:35 - Owen, screaming again, seeks asylum in Derek's carrier.

5:38 - We love our kids.

5:40 - Derek and Amy descend on the kitchen to make dinner. Gus is now in Amy's carrier.

5:42 - Thinking Gus has worn himself out, Amy puts Gus down in the Pack-n-Play.

5:43 - Owen settles down in the carrier.

5:45 - Derek cuts fruit for a smoothie. Amy begins with the pancakes, bacon and an omelette for herself.

5:47 - Thinking Owen has worn himself out, Derek puts Owen down in the Pack-n-Play next to Gus.

5:56 - Gus is screaming.

5:58 - Derek puts Gus in his carrier.

6:07 - Table is set. Pancakes are ready. Owen is restless.

6:10 - Amy & Derek sit down to eat. Gus is now in the swing.

6:13 - Gus is now screaming and has spit out his pacifier. Derek moves him to the bouncy seat by the dinner table.

6:14 - Owen is now in the swing with his pacifier.

6:18 - Owen spits out his pacifier and is crying.

6:19 - Derek gets up and puts the pacifier back for Owen.

6:21 - Owen spits out his pacifier and is crying.

6:22 - Derek and Amy both declare their love for their boys. Not just one of them, but both of them. And not just when they're good, but also when they're fussy. (But especially when they're good.)

6:23 - Amy gets up and puts the pacifier back for Owen.

6:24 - Dutch is crying to go outside in the 97 degree heat. Amy opens the back door. Dutch runs away. Tucker goes outside though.

6:25 - Owen is now fussing again.

6:26 - Derek moves Owen into a car seat by the dinner table.

6:27 - Owen does not want to be in his car seat.

6:28 - Amy tries attaching the stuffed dragonfly onto Owen's carseat. Nice try.

6:30 - Derek picks up Owen and puts him in his lap and eats his pancakes with one hand. (Amy has made some tasty pancakes.)

6:31 - Dutch is back, hunched at the door meowing to go outside again.

6:32 - Amy gets up to let Dutch outside. She goes out this time.

6:33 - Gus is now hungry and wants out of the bouncy seat.

6:35 - With Gus now crying, Derek moves Owen back into the car seat. Tucker is at the door wanting back in.

6:36 - Owen is now screaming and has contorted his body face down in his car seat. One leg drapes out of the car seat. Amy lets Tucker in.

6:38 - Dinner is over. Both boys are crying. Diapers are changed. Their dinner begins. The pancakes sure were tasty. We love our kids.

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