Friday, July 22, 2005


The past two days have certainly been interesting. Thanks to the Guthries we have been camping out next door at their house the past two nights while our A/C was out. Fortunately the repairman came this morning and fixed the problem and we're back in business. It's a good thing as we have had a major stretch of heat lately -- the heat index is supposed to hit 110 in Raleigh today. Ugh.

The Poseys are in town for a visit. Scott, Mason, Gavin, and I made the trek to see the Durham Bulls play last night. The guy next to us even caught a ball from an outfielder who was returning to the dugout at the end of an inning and gave it to the boys. So the boys get to go home with an official souvenir. We saw an incredible catch as the center fielder climbed the wall, a great play from the right fielder nailing a baserunner at home, and of course the bull out in left field light up with smoke coming out of his nose when a home run was hit. It was a great night for baseball.

The gals -- Amy, Ashley and Brooke -- stayed home and watched the boys. Brooke got to help give a bottle and change a diaper. She had better be careful or we might procure her services for the rest of the summer. ;-)

Today as we migrate back to our house that is cooling down (it was 91 degrees indoors at 10pm last night), there is some bocce ball and classic video games in our future. Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario will surely get a workout. We'll check in soon.

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