Friday, July 01, 2005

Hop On The Bus, Gus

For all intents and purposes, our man Gus (aka Splash) is a mellow baby. He is definitely the sleeper of the two boys. Where Owen is wide-eyed and commanding attention all day, Gus usually naps during the daylight hours. When he does wake up, as Amy mentioned it is more like the sun rising than a lion roaring. He takes his time and checks out his surroundings before the rumble from the belly kicks in.

While we consider Gus an easy baby he has his moments, usually as he eats. If the milk is flowing like a fire hose, Gus pitches a fit. And I don't mean a cranky little cry, I mean a red-faced, puffy bottom lip, breath-skipping tantrum. You would think we were feeding the kid hot coffee. By contrast Owen would open a second mouth if he had it -- the kid's appetite is ravenous. But not Gus. He is a very particular eater who often goes back to sleep with only a semi-full belly.

The Gus Man -- the mellow man consuming his share of sleep at 220 Kronos well as everyone else's.


Melanie said...

Wow, it looks as if Gus's hair is turning lighter like Owen. Do you all notice this, or is it just the light from the camera? What a darling!

GJ said...

Yes, I noticed. I wondered too if it was the camera light. Sweet boys! Thanks for the pictures! GJ

Amy said...

Hi guys, that's intereting. It must be the way the picture was taken. I haven't noticed his hair getting any lighter.