Friday, September 07, 2007


Random notes on a Friday...
  • Amy has started working part-time again with IBM. She gets to work from the house, and she finally got the PC situation worked out. (The first time IBM sent her a laptop only an empty box arrived.) So we are working out our routines with the boys in preschool and Amy working. Amy sent me a message today that Gus decided not to nap this afternoon and was upstairs banging on the door for her to let him out. Conference calls with work can be difficult with two year-olds in the house. Like I said, we are still working through our routines.

  • Owen and Gus are really starting to enjoy preschool. They are in a Montessori program three days a week which gives them wide boundaries and allows them a lot of opportunity for self-direction. Gus loves to sing the songs (ABC's, "Good Morning to You", "There Are Seven Days in a Week" to the tune of "Clementine"). He is pursuing a greatest hits collection that we might be able to capture on video at some point. Owen is enjoying peeing on the toilet. No kidding, the notebooks that the teachers send home with the boys each day had an entry this week that Owen was doing really well going to the bathroom on the toilet and even drew a crowd of kids to watch. Nothing like cultivating your talents early...

  • Gus caught a case of pink eye from his cousin and/or aunt back in Kentucky. Of course I had to milk it by calling Melanie to give her a hard time. The pink eye quickly spread to both of Gus's eyes, but luckily for us the infection did not spread to Amy, Owen or me. By the second day of treatment, Gus was actually enjoying the attention that medicine time brought him and happily sat there while we put the eyedrops in his eyes.

  • Nomination for the best argument of 2007 goes to this week's spat featuring Amy and me and the missing baby monitor. Some couples argue over finances; some over infidelities; Amy & I go for big ticket items like whose responsibility it is at midnight to find that annoying Fisher-Price piece of plastic that is missing because the boys removed it from our bedroom.

  • Finally, my drum set has been dusted off and removed from the garage. No, Sightless Creed isn't planning a reunion tour featuring grunge songs from the early 90's. I have been playing with a few people from our church as part of a new service that we are trying out this Sunday. While my musical tastes tend to be much more on the secular side, I have to admit I have really enjoyed playing music with people again. The boys have enjoyed coming to our practices at the church and banging on the drums as well. Fingers crossed for a good first performance this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

There's never a dull moment at the Rutledge house!!! Love you all!!! gj