Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Lost Art

Great parenting read on the lost art of instilling respect in kids.

Maybe it wouldn't be so painful if parents would sign on to the following manifesto: Let's expect more help from our kids around the house and withdraw some of our frenetic investment in their academic, sporting and social achievements. Let's shore up boundaries and let them be kids in the kid zone. And let's allow them to experience some of life's disappointments. Let's talk on the phone and go out on weekends with our friends. Let's start worrying less whether our kids are happy all the time and more about whether we are enjoying them and ourselves. Let's get a life in the parent zone. And last but not least, let's resurrect an old concept: Father and Mother Know Best. ?


Anonymous said...

Great article!!. There are many parents afraid of correcting their children-afraid of what other people will think, or listening to what psychologists have advised over the years (the child's self image has been damaged) for example. Yes, sadly, many children are running the household when what they really want are boundaries. Sorry for the "soapbox" but it comes from 20 years of teaching and seeing it first-hand.gj

Derek said...

I thought you'd like that one Jane -- right up your alley.