Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fusion Addiction

My assault on my arch nemesis Roger Federer continues....

As my buddy Chris pointed out to me, the Gillette commercial touting Federer, Tiger Woods & soccer star Thierry Henry has already begun to completely saturate the airwaves, first during the US Open and now with the beginning of college and professional football. While the commercial hasn't reached the annoying levels that Chevy reached with its "This Is Our Country" ad last year, give this Gillette ad another month.

There is something more aggravating than the saturation factor of the ad and the "Look how fabulous I am" smirks these sports stars emit. I happen to own one of the Gillette Fusion razors that the commercial advertises. I got one free in the mail through a promotion. The razor is a great product with something like 4,000 tiny blades that provide a great shave. However when I went to the store to get replacement blades I realized that is how they get their hooks in you. A package of blades is something like $14. The free razor is the candy enticement, and I fell for it.

I am sure that Gillette will probably say they spent millions of dollars on research developing this little techno wonder mama of a razor. But I remain convinced that at least half of the proceeds go to the polish that Darth Federer uses to shine his pitchfork.



Anonymous said...

Nice pic.

Anonymous said...

nice pic.

Scott P said...

That's always been Gillette's business strategy: Give them the razor cheap, hook them on the blades. ;-)