Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sister Act

Amy had her 18-week ultrasound today, and we learned (as sure as technology can tell you anyway) that there is a little girl on the way. At an earlier ultrasound a few weeks back the doctor told us he had a pretty good idea it was a girl, but today was much more conclusive. Baby #3 held up a sign that her brothers were already picking on her and told us to tell them there was about to be a new sheriff in town. Oh my.

Any name suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! What a sweet addition she will be! Name? No suggestions at this point. gj

Amanda Moore said...

Congratulations! Henry really seems to like having a little sister -- a little TOO much sometimes. Poor Baby Girl Rutledge -- she'll have double the aggressive brotherly love!

Anonymous said...

When I think of a strong woman, I think of Patty or Selma Rutledge. Or, of course, Marge, which invokes a feeling of someone who can keep male knuckleheads in line. Melanie