Friday, July 13, 2007

Sleep Where Ye May

In life's nightly routine one of the more entertaining things Amy & I do is check on the boys before we head off to bed ourselves. I say "entertaining" because where Gus will be in the boys' room when we go in there is usually a mystery.

On some nights Gus is dog tired and goes straight to sleep in his crib. Other nights he has a fit because he is not ready to go to sleep. In that case he has been known to bang on the door for a half hour for us to let him out, only to eventually wear himself out and fall asleep -- right behind the door. On these nights we have to find a way to wedge ourselves into the door without waking a sleeping two year-old. Other nights when Gus does not want to go to sleep he has been known to crawl underneath the bed, climb up in a chair, curl up in his bear chair, or climb in bed with Owen. All this just goes to show that young, independent Gus is determined to do even the most basic things -- like sleeping -- on his terms.


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Brooke said...

you guys are sleeping very good! How in the world do you sleep on top of books Gus??