Thursday, July 12, 2007


On Sunday we were treated to a visit from a friend and former neighbor from across the pond. Sterenn and her wonderful family lived next door to us in Cary while they were in the US before returning to their native France. It seems like only yesterday when Tucker would bolt through our front door and run next door to play with Sterenn and her brothers Kilian and Joss. The kids had a key to our house and would come over to get Tucker to play whenever they wanted a brown dog to incessantly lick them in the face.

My how things change. Amy & I have moved, we now have the two little monsters busting through the front door, and Sterenn is all grown up about to enter her final year of school before going to college. But despite the life changes it was great to see a familiar face and catch up with her and some more of our old neighbors, Jennifer and Rebecca Rauhe.

Cheers to old friends!

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