Thursday, July 12, 2007


Amy & I got our home computer fixed this week which means we're back connected to the world. The thing is a 6+ year-old relic that moves at tortoise speed, but with a new hard drive installed it should get us through to the holidays when retailers are throwing out some major deals on PC's. It is crazy how dependent we are on internet, email, blogs, etc. and is much more evident once that capability is taken away. This has been especially true for Amy who has been limited to using my work PC at nights for the past few weeks to stay connected. Anyhow, now that we're back online hopefully we'll get some more posts up.

On the homefront, Gus has come down with Roseola, which is a viral infection that causes several days of fever followed by a rash. He began with a fever on Saturday night of 104 which didn't go away until yesterday morning when the rash appeared. It is one of those things that just has to run its course. We are just trying to keep Owen at a safe distance to keep him from coming down with it too. "Irritability" is listed as one of the main symptoms of the virus. But in Gus's case I would say his mood has been more of an insane, fierce, bat-out-of-hell grumpiness than mere irritability. We are hoping that with some rest there is a light at the end of the little man's tunnel.

Amy is still working with a couple of managers at IBM to come back to work part-time in August when the boys start pre-school. She was dealt a blow on Tuesday when a great job she had lined up fell through causing her to go back to square one. It is one of those punch/counterpunch things in life that we just have to get through.

Finally our thoughts & prayers go out to Amy's grandfather Billy Frank and the Smith Family. "Chief" is in the hospital in Clarksville, Tennessee undergoing some tests.

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