Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nance/Barrett Tour '07

Last week our good friends Debbie Barrett and Chad Nance brought their kiddos up from Bluffton, South Carolina to spend a couple of nights with us. Chad & Debbie have 3 year-old Aidan and 2 year-old Abby as well as 2-year old Anmei, whom they adopted from China. The reunion in Raleigh was their first chance to connect with many of the parents who also adopted babies from China on the same trip.

Amy & I and the boys were very happy we got to see them as we don't get the chance to get together quite as much as we used to pre-kids. In fact the parents got a good chuckle reminiscing about the things we used to do when it was just the four of us together -- trips to the amusement park in Charlotte, haunted pub crawl tours in Savannah, a tour of a local brewery here in Holly Springs, watching football games on Saturdays. Now it's diaper changing, Curious George, and trips to the park. My how times change! But life changes are great.

Aidan, Debbie, Abby, Anmei & Chad ride the train on an expedition to the North Carolina Life & Science Museum in Durham.

The two year-olds pause for some PB&J at the museum park before revving it up in full gear again.

Anmei, Owen, Gus & Abby discuss gas prices, the latest Pixar movie, campaign finance reform, and Lightning McQueen over sippie cups and pizza.

Pool time gave the little ones a chance to beat the heat as Chad and I manned the inflatable pool while Debbie & Amy got away for some well-deserved time away together.

The zoo view from above.

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