Sunday, June 11, 2006

Summer Homecoming

Amy, the boys, and I ventured back to Glasgow to visit with family and friends this past weekend. We got to catch up with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents, neighbors, friends, dogs, cats, horses, and hot tubs. It was a fulfilling four days of good food, good conversation, and much-welcomed relaxation.

Amy & I got the pleasure of seeing a dear old friend in Amy Renfro get married on Saturday where we caught up with many people we had not seen in a while. The weekend concluded with a good old-fashioned cookout with hamburgers & hot dogs on a warm Kentucky summer day.

Here were some shots of the homecoming weekend.

Pappy & Sayla explain to Owen the art of relaxing in the shade with a radio flyer 80 red wagon.

GJ brings Gus over to learn the art.

Owen was in toy heaven in the basement with pop-up toys and Tonka trucks and practiced his DJ skills on the Fisher Price record player.

Owen gets the hang of the pop-up surprise box.

Aunt Karen found a little buddy in the Gus man. Gus was thrilled by all the "toys" Karen brought for him in her earrings and watch. At last check, her ears were still attached despite Gus's best efforts to pull them off.

The boys got to spend some quality time with their great-grandmother showing Mother their growing appetites.

There was plenty of time for wagon rides -- both laid-back indoor rides...

...and outdoor backyard rides touring the backyard.

GJ and Gus chill on the back porch in the shade...

...while Owen practices his walking skills with Pappy.

Amy & I ventured over to Spencer, Carrie & Austin's house to take a plunge in their pool. The boys experienced their first swim (outside of the bathtub). Owen took to water like a fish; Gus was a bit unsure at first but ended up enjoying making splashes.

On Saturday morning we ventured out to Spencer and Carrie's horse farm, Spencer Benedict Stables, 55 acres of lush green rolling hills and horses. Sights like the ones at their farm always remind me of Kentucky. The boys loved their first look at horses -- "dahs" (dogs) as Gus called them. We explained to him that yes, horses are like big dogs.

A few of the horses had the right idea catching some shade under a tree.

Owen gets to pet a horse, his first up-close experience with a real-life big dog.

Carrie, Mel & Austin play the sunglasses game with Hollywood, which is what we're calling Gus these days as he shows off his cool dude green sunglasses.

On Sunday, we prepped the patio for a comfort food cookout.

Spencer & Carrie get to hang out with the boys and grub on Cheerios.

Sayla was elated to play chase & fetch with Austin.

Nana and Granddaddy made the trek from Paducah on Sunday to join in the cookout and spend some time with their grandsons.

We all ate well and got to catch up on some quality visiting time.

Owen was captivated all weekend by chimes and ceiling fan strings, and cousin Jane Layton was obliged to help him indulge in one of his favorite pasttimes.

Tomorrow we head back to the Tar Heel state with GJ joining us for a week with the boys. Our homecoming trips back to the Bluegrass are always ones we look forward to making. This one was no exception.

(Congratulations to Amy & Kyle Stelman, the happily newlywed couple on their way to Key West for their honeymoon. Cheers to you!)

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Anonymous said...

Nice work on all 22 photos. I haven't seen either of the young'uns decked out in any UK Cats gear yet though. I'm a little disappointed... are you secretly raising them to be Vols? Cardinals?? Hoosiers??? Hilltoppers????