Wednesday, June 21, 2006

GJ in NC

After our visit to Glasgow, the boys' newly retired GranJane made the return trek with us to spend a week in North Carolina. One reason that made it such a good visit was that GJ got to step right in to our daily routine to see how we make it on a daily basis. Of course there was the benefit of spending some quality one-on-one time with the boys as well. She & Amy stayed in the house on a rainy day when Tropical Storm Alberto came through and ventured to the park when the weather was sunny.

Since little Owen is going through an especially selective phase of who he is near, GJ and Gus spent a good deal of time together. Owen was happy as long as his mom was nearby. From helping out with baths, meals, and walks to relaxing on the deck to watching Baby Einstein, The Office and Hurricanes hockey, it was a mighty good week and a good visit.

Cheers to you GJ!

GJ & Gus settle in for some Baby Einstein.

Gus shows his grandmother his preferred method of corn shucking.

Cruising in the living room is mighty fun with your grandmother.

The boys stop for a pose before hitting the sack.

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