Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Tuesday was pronounced Hurricanes Day by the mayor of Raleigh. Thirty thousand fans attended a celebration parade and unveiling of the Stanley Cup last night at the RBC Center. Today was the sendoff parade in downtown Raleigh. Several thousand more people played hooky (including yours truly) for a couple of hours to witness the celebration that culminated the festivities for the new champions of hockey.

As we have said before, this was such a great run that was shared collectively by friends, neighbors and total strangers. People wearing hockey jerseys in the halls at work. Cars sporting Canes flags and words of support. A total stranger sees you wearing a Hurricanes shirt in the grocery store and starts up a conversation about the upcoming game. Amy & I were pumped to steal away for a couple of hours downtown to witness the tremendous sendoff that wrapped it all up.

Here were some shots we took from the parade.

Fans line the streets on a warm, muggy, summer day in Raleigh.

Amy and the boys await the show.

This guy has the right idea getting the view from a tree.

Raleigh police sport their new night sticks.

Stormy the Ice Hog. Yes, they are the Hurricanes and their mascot is a pig. We're still figuring this one out. But the kids love him regardless.

Mr. Kristi Yamaguchi proudly hoists the Stanley Cup.

Fan favorite Mike Commodore -- sans bathrobe -- and Glen Wesley. Commodore is auctioning off the right for a lucky Triangle resident to cut his hair. The money goes to the V Foundation for pediatric cancer research -- good guy.

The captain Rod Brind'Amour.

Perhaps the coolest moment of the parade as coach Peter Laviolette, spurred on by cheers from the crowd, stands up in the convertible to hoist and kiss the Stanley Cup. The crowd ate this up as people surrounded his car and gave a raucous roar.

The team is recognized on stage collectively. The fans were recognized and thanked for the support of the team. The Cup was raised one last time as people departed.

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Amanda Moore said...

I never thought I would see that day that Southerners would be so crazy over hockey, of all things! I guess it's globalization in a more positive form.