Sunday, April 23, 2006

To Do Lists

These past two days have comprised one of the busiest weekends Amy & I have had since becoming parents. We are heading out of town next weekend and had to cram like college students in order to get things done before we leave. Like classic ISFJ's, we sat down on Friday and made our list of things to do. While we didn't get to eveything on the list, we did get a lot accomplished.

  • Devised a plan at 5:00am for neighbors' barking dog to sleep with the fishes
  • Got the car serviced
  • Boosted Target stock price by 10% with the Rutledge bi-weekly shopping spree
  • Racing an impending thunderstorm, got three inches of pollen washed off the car and the yard mowed
  • Helped our buddy Mike transport a chair to Chapel Hill
  • Gave the boys their first snare drum solo
  • Took the boys out to eat for the second successful time
  • Watched our Hurricanes get clubbed by the Canadiens 6-1
  • Bathed the monsters
  • Walked Tucker & his pals Digby & MacKay before the dog sleepover at our house
  • Sank into the couch & chair fast asleep


  • Amy walked the boys to church while I went early to prepare for the drum/piano duet that will no doubt be reviewed in your local paper tomorrow
  • Fed the boys -- Owen yakked -- bath #2
  • Checked on the pups next door -- ear rubbing breaks good for them and us
  • Amy's grocery store run with the boys
  • Derek vs. the bathroom tile floor (I'm ripping out the tile floor so our neighbor Viktor can put in a new floor for us while we're gone next week). Hour 1 begins...
  • Dust & flying tiles 1, Derek 0 -- trip to Ace Hardware for goggles and face masks
  • Ventured back to church for a welcome back ceremony for our pastor Joanne (Joanne 1, breast cancer 0 -- woohooo!)
  • Clean up boys, bedtime stories, & put the boys down
  • Tucker and his daily camina
  • Pop open the bottle of pinot grigio on a gorgeous spring evening, post to the blog
  • Exhale

We'll get to the rest of the list later. Have a good week -- cheers!

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