Saturday, April 15, 2006

One Notch on the Belt

Year One has come and gone since the boys were born. Some days it seems like just yesterday that we were headed to the hospital at nearly thirty-three weeks, convinced of a false alarm. And other days April 15, 2005 seems like a long time ago. So many new changes have taken place since then that it seems like a longer time than it truly has been.

Parenthood is such a unique journey. You can't prepare for it. Amy & I quickly realized that we had a lot to learn about raising two little boys. But we also learned that in so many situations there isn't a right or wrong way -- just whatever it takes to get through it.

The first night we brought the boys home we were not putting their diapers on tight enough, and we had to change them and their crib sheets half a dozen times before morning. Buying a vehicle with two screaming boys -- one exploding with poop -- holed up in a tiny financing office was a memorable experience. Starting an argument at 3:00am with your wife because there is not a pacifier to be found or chucking a tennis shoe at your husband because you are both so tired you can't see straight. There were certainly moments that test a parent's will.

But all of those are forgotten in an instant when little Owen goes into a gut-wrenching laughing fit as you kiss his belly. Or when Gus gets so excited standing up in his crib for the first time. Or when the two boys explode in laughter as they experience a bubble bath for the first time.

The little monsters are our pride and joy. We can't wait for what Year Two will bring us.


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