Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A grand birthday weekend

The grandparents journeyed to North Cackalackee last weekend to celebrate Owen & Gus's first birthday. The weekend started off a little rough as Owen came down with a nasty fever and cold. But he recuperated by the end of the weekend and in time to enjoy a little cake. The boys took in all the attention they could muster. Amy & I enjoyed having eight willing helping hands with the boys (and we even got to have dinner out with our neighbors Chad & Claudia one night -- a rarity indeed!). We capped off the weekend with a low-key birthday party complete with eastern NC barbecue and a homemade birthday cake on Saturday and the boys being dedicated at church on Sunday. A grand time was had by all.

Ma the cakemaker prepares her puppy dog masterpiece.

The boys' first birthday cake.

The mad hatter prepares for the celebration.

Owen 1, cake 0.

"Over here please -- this one is out of that tasty icing on top. Chop, chop."

Present time complete with outfits, swimming trunks, books, baseball cards & birthday cards to chew on.

Owen is captivated by Granddaddy's reading of the fruit book.

Gus takes in lessons on how to watch the Masters from his two grandfathers. It's an art form, young man -- you'll learn.

Owen was quite at home strolling with his Nana to help him forget his crummy fever.

Never one to be left out, Tucker inserts himself into reading time with some helpful licks.

Gus shows GJ and Pappy the art of table surfing.

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Amanda Moore said...

That's a great-looking cake, Amy! One year -- congrats to the boys (and to their parents)!