Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wanted: Superhero

As my wonderful but overwhelmed wife struggles to keep up with a plate full of life, including (but not all-inclusive)...
  • demands of three small kids,
  • running a household,
  • keeping up with a job that is a) worked from home where aforementioned children are running around and b) frequently demands more time than she gets paid for,
  • organizing a closet full of baby & toddler clothes by Friday to sell at a multiples club sale,
  • dealing with a well-intentioned but challenging (my word), difficult and high maintenance (her words) husband,
  • coming up with a plan for dinner,
  • playing part-time therapist, peacemaker, and referee for multiple people,
  • nursing an infant, and
  • trying to find a snippet of time for herself
...I have decided to place a help wanted ad for a superhero to help us get through the next few weeks until preschool starts again.

As you can see Gus has accepted the challenge with both feet running. Little does he realize that he is a good portion of what's on that plate.

Ah, parenthood. When the plate gets so full we just have to find time for a little humor to squeeze through the challenges.

To my Wonder Woman Amy B, hang in there.

"What'chya need Mom? Need the Yellow Baron to carry your load away on my motorcycle?...."

"....or do you need me to pop a cap in your troubles?...."

"...I've got my lasso, my lizard boots, my sheriff's hat, and my whistle at your service."


Anonymous said...

G_R_E_A_T_!!!!! gj

Anonymous said...

What a dude !!!NANA

Nita said...

I only have one.... and reading this post made me realize how much MORE I'd be doing if I intend to have a bigger family. lol. I caught a glimpse of what may be my future..... dont have to tell you guys what you already know "its all worth it" :)