Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Amy & I continue to go back & forth about which one of the boys Tess most resembles. Some days it's Gus; other days it's Owen. Here's a pic we snapped of her after a bath & it took us back to Owen's days as a wide-eyed infant.

In reality Tess probably has pieces of both of the boys in her -- she came from the same parents after all (sorry Mr. Federer). Tess still doesn't nap during the day unless she sleeps on someone. Putting her down in her crib to sleep is a no-no unless it's nighttime when she's ready for slumber. When she is awake she is constantly checking out the activity around the house -- she'll turn her head when she hears a familiar voice, she'll watch the dog walk within her line of sight, and as we've mentioned she is fascinated with watching the boys.

Aside from the attentiveness she is a remarkably mellow little baby. (Knock on wood, knock on wood...) When she wakes in the morning she often chills out in her crib for an hour before we know she is awake. Amy & I will hear through the baby monitor that a foot has kicked on the fish aquarium or hear a squeal when something has delighted her. That is our signal that she is awake rather than her crying to announce her presence.

Yesterday saw a couple of firsts. Tess had solid food for the first time last night, devouring a bowl of rice cereal. And Dorothy (who takes care of her in the mornings while Amy works) pointed out another first. While Dorothy was holding her, Tess reached out her arms for Amy. When Dorothy reached out her arms to take Tess back she turned away and clung to Mom -- the little girl definitely knows her mom. Our little one continues to grow & change...

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest....."


Anonymous said...

She is PRECIOUS!! She certainly is observant. I see both of the boys in her expressions. What fun to watch her change and grow! gj

Anonymous said...

Cute, Cute

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