Monday, April 14, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

Amy & I have started cycling out some of the TV shows that Owen & Gus don't watch as much anymore. With the onslaught of Diego, former mainstays like Clifford the Big Red Dog and Thomas and Friends are now off the boys' radar.

So Amy & I have been trying to nudge them toward Super Why, a PBS show that begins letter and word recognition and has "super readers" as the heroes. The boys are all about the letters in their own names and recognizing when they see "O - W - E - N" and "G - U - S" wherever they go. So we figure they're ready to move beyond some of the shows that were their former stalwarts.

What's more, Super Why -- like so many kids' shows -- has one of those instantly recognizable theme songs that sticks in parents' heads all day long. I don't even try to conceal it anymore -- I'll just hum the Diego theme song while I'm walking to the cafeteria at work. If someone does a double take, they obviously don't have toddlers.

Here, Gus goes after his dad's heart with his first drum solo and his own unique take on the Super Why song. Cheers!


Melrutl said...

This is just precious! What an entertainer with his lizard boots and fireman's hat. He wore those at Christmas! Does he wear them every single day?! :-)

Do you have an agent on the books?

Anonymous said...

I would say that Gus is very, very very happy with his boots, his firehat and drums. What an entertainer!!! Sweet!! GJ

Gavin said...

Gus is so cute when he's singing. Go Gus!