Friday, April 25, 2008

Bah-stan Weekend

Amy & I are looking forward to what we consider a mini-vacation this weekend. Our dear friend Chris LeDuc is getting married in Boston on Saturday so we are about to take Tess on her first plane ride and to her first wedding. (No more 'til you're 27, sweetie!)

GJ and Pappy are in town to have a grandparents' weekend with the boys. The boys are in good hands so the parents are hoping to escape for 48 hours. It should be a great time.

As you can tell from the lack of posts it's been a hectic time this past week at la casa de Rutledge. Sorry for the lack of pix -- there is a great one of Gus in his Halloween firefighter outfit, lizard boots, and firefighter cap that I will find on the camera. The kid is just a performer -- I walked in to his room one day last week when he wasn't napping and he had pulled the gear out of his closet himself, beaming proud from ear to ear.

North Carolina primary is less than 2 weeks away. Who would have thought we Tar Heels would have a say in this endless parade on the Dem side. I have been kind of quiet on that front lately -- partly out of disinterest because the campaign is dragging on so long and partly out of the strange respect for Clinton for being like one of those zombies in the "Night of the Living Dead" that wouldn't go away. Maybe we can do our part on May 6.

Here's my favorite post-PA read about the endless game. Dowd knocks this out of the park.

We will touch base with everyone after the weekend. It will be funny to see how many people try to get themselves re-seated on the plane so they don't have to sit by the baby! More legroom for me anyway.

Cheers -- have a great weekend.

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