Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Boys

My how time flies. Owen and Gus are three years old today. Some days it seems like yesterday when Amy was grounded on the couch for months of bed rest at the old house. Other days it seems eons ago. Amy & I celebrated the boys' birthday over the weekend by throwing them and several of their friends a Diego-inspired birthday party at our house. We stayed up late Friday night planning an animal rescue adventure, icing cupcakes, stuffing a piñata, and enjoying ourselves more than you would think two tired parents would enjoy the whole process.

In the end, the rain held off just long enough to make the party a really fun time for the kiddos. Amy & I were longing for sleep by weekend's end, but by next year we'll be geared up for another one I'm sure.

Happy birthday dudes. Cheers!

The animal rescue started with rescue heroes Logan and Gus locating the spotting scope in the rescue center....

....then on to the fishing station to save a fish with a hurt fin....

...before proceeding up, up, up Jaguar Mountain with the help of the rip cord rope.

Finally, the kids rescued one of several beanie babies in a trapped cat carrier, a pile of sticks, or a tree -- such as this ferocious land shark.

After last year's struggle for two-year olds to bust open the piñata, we hoped a year's worth of strength and conditioning would enable them as three year-olds to take care of business. Alas, Michael's dad Mark had to step in and assist to knock it open. The young animal rescuers very much appreciated the help so they could get to the candy. Hit the weights children for next year.

Gus & Owen show their impeccable eating manners at cake time.

Benjamin gets some help digging into cake from his dad Rob while Michael clings to the crane that he rescued from a massive wood pile.

Gracen, Jack, Emma, and Gabe discuss having birthdays every week over a sugar high from cake & ice cream.


ashley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN & GUS!!! I bet your Diego party was a blast. Way to go, Amy & Derek!

a said...

Happy birthday, boys!

- Amanda Moore

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Gus and Owen. Wish we could have been there for the party. Looks like everyone had fun !! Nana and Granddaddy