Friday, March 14, 2008


Tess has turned it around a bit over the past day. She is still congested and has thrown up a few times due to the coughing fits. But yesterday her appetite caught up with her as she ate nearly every hour. In a related story Amy has been very busy trying to keep up with a hungry baby.

On the toddler front Gus has started voicing his frustrations with us the past couple of days instead of acting out with his renowned tantrums.

"I am very, very, very, very frustrated at you, Dad!" has been more commonplace around our house.

Sometimes "Dad" is substituted with "Mom." Nevertheless his more rational approach to dealing with his frustrations is a welcome change as we can try to talk to him about his actions rather than trying to talk him off the ledge of frustration. Of course he still has his moments, but there are signs of progress.

On the "humorous arguments when you're a dead-tired parent of young children" front, Amy & I had a few gems this week over who was more tired. In other words, about absolutely nothing. When you're whipped from the day and folding laundry at midnight some tiny molehills just seem like enormous mountains. Some advice for future dads out there that may read this blog: Don't ever try to make the argument to your wife that even though you are the one that wakes up to corral boys to get them dressed, eat their breakfast, stop hitting each other, brush their teeth and go to school that your job is somehow more difficult than your wife's, who is getting up at 4:00am to nurse an infant. Just don't do it. It's a loser argument. Trust me.

This weekend promises to be a basketball weekend as the SEC and ACC tournaments are in full swing. Selection Sunday is a couple of days away where my beloved Cats find out their fate. I am hopeful that their strong finish in the SEC has earned them a bid. That San Diego loss doesn't look as bad now that the Torreros won their league tournament over Gonzaga the other night.

Finally, we have really noticed as little Tess develops that she resembles Owen when he was a baby. Her features -- especially those intense, glaring eyes and her mouth -- are so similar that we are taken aback sometimes. Check this one out.

Have a great weekend everybody. Cheers!

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