Monday, March 10, 2008

Finding the Groove

Life was busy before Tess. But it is safe to say that life is extraordinarily busy with an infant in addition to twin 2-year olds. Not that I'm complaining -- ok, maybe I'm whining a little bit -- but it is a reality that we have been coming face to face with these past few weeks.

Luckily Amy & I were fortunate to be able to wade into this life change slowly as we had grandmothers come to town to offer their helping hands. But inevitably you come to the point where the diving board is calling, which is what happened this afternoon as GJ returned home to Kentucky. So off the diving board we go as we are on our own with Owen, Gus & Tess. I am certain there will be days where we fall on our faces and struggle with the energy needed to raise little ones. But over the long run, we'll find that pattern -- that routine that we all get into that works for us.

One thing that always makes things more difficult is sickness. This winter the cold/flu season has just been brutal. The sickness bug prevented a much-anticipated visit this past weekend from Aunt Mel, Uncle Dude and Corinne as a menacing fever and strep throat have invaded the Crumpton household. In our house the lingering cold/congestion/cough bug that has plagued us for five weeks has spread to Tess. She has the chest congestion which leads to coughing fits which leads to her spitting up after eating. The low point was Sunday, when she got sick after nearly every feeding and became really lethargic, sleeping all day long. We got concerned enough to call the doctor's office, who recommended we take her to the emergency room for fluids.

So Amy & I trekked up to Wake Med in Raleigh on Sunday night where the doctors contemplated a battery of tests on little Tess, including a spinal tap (!) to test for meningitis. After thinking it over and consulting a pediatrician in the hospital we pushed back on the ER doctors -- we saw 4 different doctors in our six hour stint -- who eventually acquiesced and ordered a more moderate approach of blood & urine tests and IV fluids. Tess perked up and eventually nursed a couple of times. After six long hours, an exhausted set of parents brought her home around 3am.

Tess is doing better the past couple of days. Until she can completely rid herself of the chest congestion she will continue to cough and spit up. But Amy is feeding her in smaller bursts to keep her hydrated and lessen the impact when she does lose her lunch, so to speak.

The boys are adjusting to their roles as big brothers. Some days are frankly better than others. Both Owen and Gus are fine to Tess personally. It is the lack of attention they receive individually that is the issue. Gus has shown that he is going to get his attention -- positively or negatively. The question is what he has to do to receive the attention. On his good days, Gus is the life of our house -- energetically bouncing from room to room with a song or something amusing to say ("GJ, do you have a penis?") On the bad days Gus can launch into a frustrated fit that completely fills the house with negative energy. So we try to manage that the extrovert as best can. On the other hand our introverted Owen can entertain himself a little easier than his brother. So a View Master, a Diego episode, or a can of Play-Doh goes a lot longer than with Gus. That said, Owen can certainly have his moments as well when the attention in the house isn't directed where he wants it so he acts out in defiance. Such is life with developing little boys.

I think it is safe to say that Amy & I are enduring right now, trying to find our way and our new routine for how we raise three under three on a daily basis. We will find that path -- it just may take us a few iterations before we blaze it out.


Owen & Gus enjoyed having GJ at the house, engaging her in Play-Doh, stories, walks, and instructions on how to turn Diego on the big TV.

Play-Doh is a mainstay in our house, where making alligators, ice cubes, and forks out of clay can fill a little boys face with big smiles.

Thank heavens Baby T is truly is an easy baby so far. She is happiest on a shoulder or a chest, much more so than in a swing or bassinet....

...unless she is hungry or doesn't like our color choice for her outfit.

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Brooke Posey said...

Tessa looks so cute in that outfit! I can't wait to see her.